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Anti-interleukin-5 therapy in severe asthma
Gilles Garcia , Camille Taille , Pierantonio ´ Laveneziana , Arnaud Bourdin , Pascal Chanez and Marc Humbert


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Acute Severe Asthma
E. R. McFadden, Jr.


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Adiponectin, Leptin, and Resistin in Asthma: Basic Mechanisms through Population Studies
Akshay Sood and Stephanie A. Shore


semana 2


Anaesthetic management in asthma
S. M. Burburan, D. G. Xisto, P. R. M. Rocco


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Difficult Asthma
Mary E. Strek





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Intensive care of patient swith acute liver failure: Recommendations of the U.S. Acute Liver Failure Study Group
R. Todd Stravitz, MD; Andreas H. Kramer, MD, MSc; Timothy Davern, MD; A. Obaid S. Shaikh, MD; Stephen H. Caldwell, MD; Ravindra L. Mehta, MD; Andres T. Blei, MD; Robert J. Fontana, MD; Brendan M. McGuire, MD; Lorenzo Rossaro, MD; Alastair D. Smith, MD; William M. Lee, MD; the Acute Liver Failure Study Group


Mechanisms of Cholestasis
Gernot Zollner, MD, Michael Trauner, MD


Sepsis and Cholestasis
Michael Fuchs, MD, PhD, FEBG, Arun J. Sanyal, MD, MBBS

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Heparin-like Effect in Liver Disease and Liver Transplantation

M.Senzolo,MD, PhD, E.Cholongitas, MD, U. Thalheimer, MD, PhD, Anne Riddell, PhD, S. Agarwal, MB, MS, FRCA, S. Mallett, MB, MS, FRC, C. Ferronato, MD, A.K. Burroughs, MBChB Hons, FRC


Hypercoagulation in Liver Disease
Patrick G. Northup, MD, MHS


Hyperfibrinolysis in Liver Disease
Domenico Ferro, MD, Andrea Celestini, MD, Francesco Violi,MD


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Acute-on-chronic liver failure: concept, natural history, and prognosis
Jody C. Olson and Patrick S. Kamath


Acute-on-chronic liver failure: the liver and portal haemodynamics
Rajeshwar P . Mookerjee


Coagulopathy of Acute Liver Failure
Santiago J. Munoz,MD, FACP, FACG, R.ToddStravitz,MD, FACP, FACG, Don A.Gabriel, MD, PhD


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Acute-on-chronic liver failure: the brain
Rita García-Martínez and Juan Córdoba


Acute-on-chronic liver failure: the heart and systemic hemodynamics
Hongqun Liu and Samuel S. Lee


Acute-on-chronic liver failure: the kidneys
Andrés Cárdenas and Pere Ginés



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Antibiotic De-Escalation
Robert G. Masterton, FRCPath, FRCP [Edin & Glas]


semana 3

Dose modulation: A new concept of antibiotic therapy in the critically ill patient?
Joao Goncalves-Pereira MD , José-Artur Paiva MD, PhD


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Antibiotic Dosing in Multiple Organ Dysfunction Syndrome

Marta Ulldemolins PharmD; Jason A Roberts, PhD, BPharm (Hons); Jeffrey Lipman, MD; and Jordi Rello, MD, PhD


semana 1

Improving antibiotic dosing in special situations in the ICU: burns, renal replacement therapy and extracorporeal membrane oxygenation

Janattul-Ain Jamal, Caleb J.P. Economou, Jeffrey Lipman, and Jason A. Roberts




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A Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled, Phase 2b Study to Evaluate the Safety and Efficacy of Recombinant Human Soluble Thrombomodulin, ART-123, in Patients With Sepsis and Suspected Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation
Jean-Louis Vincent, MD, PhD, FCCM ; Mayakonda K. Ramesh, MS; David Ernest, MBBS; Steven P. LaRosa, MD; Jan Pachl, MD, PhD; Naoki Aikawa, MD, DMSc, FACS; Eric Hoste, MD, PhD; Howard Levy, MB, BCh, PhD; Joe Hirman, PhD; Marcel Levi, MD, PhD; Mradul Daga, MD, FCCP; Demetrios J. Kutsogiannis, MD, MHS; Mark Crowther, MD, MSc, FRCPC; Gordon R. Bernard, MD; Jacques Devriendt, MD; Joan Vidal Puigserver, MD; Daniel U. Blanzaco, MD; Charles T. Esmon, PhD; Joseph E. Parrillo, MD; Louis Guzzi, MD, FCCM; Seton J. Henderson, MB, ChB; Chaicharn Pothirat, MD, FCCP; Parthiv Mehta, MD; Jawed Fareed, PhD, FAHA; Deepak Talwar, MD, DM, DNB; Kazuhisa Tsuruta, PhD; Kenneth J. Gorelick, MD, FCCP; Yutaka Osawa, MPharm; Inder Kaul, MD, MPH

semana 4 artículo 1

Procalcitonin for Antibiotic Treatment in Intensive Care UnitPatients

Nathalie Layios & Bernard Lambermont


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Severe Sepsis and Septic Shock
Derek C. Angus, M.D., M.P.H., and Tom van der Poll, M.D., Ph.D.

semana 3 artículo 1

Cardiovascular Management of Septic Shock in 2012

Maria Cristina Vazquez Guillamet & Chanu Rhee &  Andrew J. Patterson


semana 2 artículo 2

Biomarkers in Sepsis
Keith R. Walley

semana 2 artículo 1

Sepsis biomarkers in unselected patients on admission to intensive or high-dependency care

Martin J Llewelyn, Mario Berger, Mark Gregory, Ravi Ramaiah, Amanda L Taylor, Ingo Curdt,
Frédéric Lajaunias, RolfGraf, Stuart J Blincko, Stephen Drage and Jonathan Cohen


semana 1 artículo 2

The Surviving Sepsis Campaign’s Revised Sepsis Bundles
Amisha V.Barochia, Xizhong Cui, Peter Q. Eichacker


semana 1 artículo 1

The Predictive Value of Adrenomedullin for Development of Severe Sepsis and Septic Shock in Emergency Department
Yun-Xia Chen and Chun-Sheng Li 




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NETs: the missing link between cell death and systemic autoimmune diseases?
Erika Darrah and Felipe Andrade



semana 3

Infection-induced NETosis is a dynamic process involving neutrophil multitasking in vivo
Bryan G Yipp , Björn Petri , Davide Salina , Craig N Jenne , Brittney N V Scott , Lori D Zbytnuik,
Keir Pittman , Muhammad Asaduzzaman , Kaiyu Wu , H Christopher Meijndert , Stephen E Malawista ,
Anne de Boisfleury Chevance , Kunyan Zhang , John Conly & Paul Kubes


semana 2

Diagnostic Approach and Treatment. Strategy in Tachycardia-induced Cardiomyopathy
Young-Hoon Jeong,MD, Kee-Joon Choi,MD, PhD, Jong-Min Song, MD, PhD, Eui-Seock Hwang,MD,
Kyoung-Min Park, MD, Gi-Byoung Nam, MD, PhD, Jae-Joong Kim, MD, PhD, You-Ho Kim, MD, PhD



semana 1

Beneficial suicide: why neutrophils die to make NETs
Volker Brinkmann and Arturo Zychlinsky




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Feasibility and Effectiveness of Prone Position in Morbidly Obese Patients With ARDS. A Case-Control Clinical Study
Audrey De Jong , MD ; Nicolas Molinari , PhD ; Mustapha Sebbane , MD ; Albert Prades , Nursing Fellow; Emmanuel Futier , MD ; Boris Jung , MD ;
Gérald Chanques , MD ; and Samir Jaber , MD


semana 3

Agitation During Prolonged Mechanical Ventilation at a Long-Term Acute Care Hospital : Risk Factors, Treatments, and Outcomes
Heidi O'Connor, Nada S. Al-Qadheeb, Alexander C. White, Vishal Thaker and John W. Devlin


semana 2

Airway Pressure Release Ventilation: What Do We Know?

Ehab G Daoud MD, Hany L Farag MD, and Robert L Chatburn MHHS RRT-NPS FAARC



semana 1

Effect of a pleural checklist on patient safety in the ultrasound era


1Division of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, University Medicine Cluster, National University Hospital, Singapore, and 2Division of Respiratory Medicine, Department of Medicine, RIPAS Hospital, Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei





semana 4

Clinical review: Acute respiratory distress syndrome – clinical ventilator management and adjunct therapyLower tidal volume at initiation of mechanical ventilation may reduce progression to acute respiratory distress syndrome: a systematic review

Brian M Fuller1*, Nicholas M Mohr2, Anne M Drewry3 and Christopher R Carpenter4



semana 3

Clinical review: Acute respiratory distress syndrome – clinical ventilator management and adjunct therapy

Jonathan A Silversides1 and Niall D Ferguson*1,2


semana 2

Mechanical ventilation: past lessons and the near future

John J Marini*


semana 1

Prone Positioning in Severe Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome

Claude Guérin, M.D., Ph.D., Jean Reignier, M.D., Ph.D., Jean-Christophe Richard, M.D., Ph.D., Pascal Beuret, M.D., Arnaud Gacouin, M.D., Thierry Boulain, M.D., Emmanuelle Mercier, M.D., Michel Badet, M.D., Alain Mercat, M.D., Ph.D., Olivier Baudin, M.D., Marc Clavel, M.D., Delphine Chatellier, M.D., Samir Jaber, M.D., Ph.D., Sylvène Rosselli, M.D., Jordi Mancebo, M.D., Ph.D., Michel Sirodot, M.D., Gilles Hilbert, M.D., Ph.D., Christian Bengler, M.D., Jack Richecoeur, M.D., Marc Gainnier, M.D., Ph.D., Frédérique Bayle, M.D., Gael Bourdin, M.D., Véronique Leray, M.D., Raphaele Girard, M.D., Loredana Baboi, Ph.D., and Louis Ayzac, M.D., for the PROSEVA Study Group*





semana 4

Effects of fluid resuscitation with synthetic colloids or crystalloids alone on shock reversal, fluid balance, and patient outcomes in patients with severe sepsis: A prospective sequential analysis*

Ole Bayer, MD; Konrad Reinhart, MD; Matthias Kohl, PhD; Björn Kabisch, PhD; John Marshall, MD; Yasser Sakr, MD, PhD; Michael Bauer, MD; Christiane Hartog, MD; Daniel Schwarzkopf; Niels Riedemann, MD


semana 3

Hydroxyethyl Starch 130/0.42 versus Ringer’s Acetate in Severe Sepsis

Anders Perner, M.D., Ph.D., Nicolai Haase, M.D., Anne B. Guttormsen, M.D., Ph.D., Jyrki Tenhunen, M.D., Ph.D., Gudmundur Klemenzson, M.D., Anders Åneman, M.D., Ph.D.,

Kristian R. Madsen, M.D., Morten H. Møller, M.D., Ph.D., Jeanie M. Elkjær, M.D., Lone M. Poulsen, M.D., Asger Bendtsen, M.D., M.P.H., Robert Winding, M.D., Morten Steensen, M.D., Pawel Berezowicz, M.D., Ph.D., Peter Søe-Jensen, M.D., Morten Bestle, M.D., Ph.D., Kristian Strand, M.D., Ph.D., Jørgen Wiis, M.D., Jonathan O. White, M.D., Klaus J. Thornberg, M.D., Lars Quist, M.D., Jonas Nielsen, M.D., Ph.D., Lasse H. Andersen, M.D., Lars B. Holst, M.D., Katrin Thormar, M.D., Anne-Lene Kjældgaard, M.D., Maria L. Fabritius, M.D., Frederik Mondrup, M.D., Frank C. Pott, M.D., D.M.Sci., Thea P. Møller, M.D., Per Winkel, M.D., D.M.Sci., and Jørn Wetterslev, M.D., Ph.D., for the 6S Trial Group and the Scandinavian Critical Care Trials Group*


semana 2

Hydroxyethyl Starch or Saline for Fluid Resuscitation in Intensive Care

John A. Myburgh, M.D., Ph.D., Simon Finfer, M.D., Rinaldo Bellomo, M.D., Laurent Billot, M.Sc., Alan Cass, M.D., Ph.D., David Gattas, M.D., Parisa Glass, Ph.D., Jeffrey Lipman, M.D., Bette Liu, Ph.D., Colin McArthur, M.D., Shay McGuinness, M.D., Dorrilyn Rajbhandari, R.N., Colman B. Taylor, M.N.D., and Steven A.R. Webb, M.D., Ph.D., for the CHEST Investigators and the Australian and New Zealand Intensive Care Society Clinical Trials Group*


semana 1

Association of Hydroxyethyl Starch Administration With Mortality and Acute Kidney Injury in Critically Ill Patients Requiring Volume Resuscitation A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis

Ryan Zarychanski, MD, MSc, Ahmed M. Abou-Setta, MD, PhD, Alexis F. Turgeon, MD, MSc, Brett L. Houston, BSc, Lauralyn McIntyre, MD, MSc, John C. Marshall, MD, Dean A. Fergusson, PhD, MHA






semana 5

The efficacy of thymosin alpha 1 for severe sepsis (ETASS): a multicenter, single-blind, randomized and controlled trial

Jianfeng Wu; Lixin Zhou; Jiyun Liu; Gang Ma; Qiuye Kou; Zhijie He; Juan Chen; Bin Ou-Yang; Minying Chen; Yinan Li; Xiaoqin Wu; Baochun Gu; Lei Chen; Zijun Zou; Xinhua Qiang; Yuanyuan Chen; Aihua Lin; Guanrong Zhang; Xiangdong Guan


semana 4

Randomizeddouble-blind placebo-controlled trial of 40 mg/day of atorvastatin in reducingtheseverity of sepsis in wardpatients (asepsis trial)

Jaimin M Patel1, Catherine Snaith1, David R Thickett2, Lucie Linhartova1, Teresa Melody1, Peter Hawkey3,4, Anthony H Barnett5, Alan Jones6, Tan Hong1, Matthew W Cooke7,8, Gavin D Perkins1,9 and Fang Gao1*



semana 3

actualidades en disfunción renal aguda y terapia de soporte renal

Raúl Carrillo-Esper, Armando Vázquez-Rangel, Maribel Merino-López, Carlos peña-Pérez, Jorge Nava-López, Isis Espinosza de los Monteros-Estrada, Teresa de la Torre-León, Agustín Omar Rosales-Gutiérrez, Luis Daniel Carrillo-Córdova, Dulce María Carrillo-Córdova, Carlos Alberto Carrillo-Córdova


semana 2

Sepsis biomarkers: a review

Charalampos Pierrakos, Jean-Louis Vincent*



semana 1

The role of albumin as a resuscitation fluid for patients withsepsis: A systematic review and meta-analysis*

Anthony P. Delaney, MD, FCICM; Arina Dan, MD, FCICM; John McCaffrey, MD, FCICM; Simon Finfer, MD, FCICM






semana 4

Severe sepsis, coagulation, and fibrinolysis: Dead end or one way?

François Fourrier, MD, FCCM



semana 3

Hypoxic liver injury and cholestasis in criticallyill patients

Thomas Horvatits, Michael Trauner, and Valentin Fuhrmann



semana 2

The liver in sepsis: patterns of response and injury

Michael Bauera, Adrian T. Pressa, and Michael Traunerb



semana 1

Haloperidol prophylaxis in critically ill patients with a high risk for delirium

Mark van den Boogaard1*, Lisette Schoonhoven2,3, Theo van Achterberg2, Johannes G van der Hoeven1,4 and Peter Pickkers1,4






Surviving Sepsis Campaign: International Guidelines for Management of Severe Sepsis and Septic Shock: 2012

R. Phillip Dellinger, MD1; Mitchell M. Levy, MD2; Andrew Rhodes, MB BS3; Djillali Annane, MD4; Herwig Gerlach, MD, PhD5; Steven M. Opal, MD6; Jonathan E. Sevransky, MD7; Charles L. Sprung, MD8; Ivor S. Douglas, MD9; Roman Jaeschke, MD10; Tiffany M. Osborn, MD, MPH11; Mark E. Nunnally, MD12; Sean R. Townsend, MD13; Konrad Reinhart, MD14; Ruth M. Kleinpell, PhD, RN-CS15; Derek C. Angus, MD, MPH16; Clifford S. Deutschman, MD, MS17; Flavia R. Machado, MD, PhD18; Gordon D. Rubenfeld, MD19; Steven A. Webb, MB BS, PhD20; Richard J. Beale, MB BS21; Jean-Louis Vincent, MD, PhD22; Rui Moreno, MD, PhD23; and the Surviving Sepsis Campaign Guidelines Committee including the Pediatric Subgroup*



Antimicrobial effects of arginine and nitrogen oxides and their potential role in sepsis

Ines Hardy, Raid Alany, Bruce Russell and Gil Hardy


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